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We are passionate about accounting and financial management theory. We are also passionate about helping our clients understand the theory and in helping them to put it into practice. Since the establishment of Ducharme, theory has always been the cornerstone upon which our practical support was built.

Prior to the establishment of Ducharme in 2003, George Ducharme was a full-time academic, teaching financial accounting to students at a post-graduate level in preparation for the qualifying exam for South African chartered accountants. His last position was Professor and subject head of Financial Accounting at the University of the Western Cape. As the co-author of 3 accounting textbooks and a number of research articles in accredited accounting journals a desire was kindled to assist the Public Sector in understanding and implementing Public Sector Accounting and Financial Management theory, legislation and best practice.

Ducharme has a series of specialised and focussed training courses covering various Public Sector Financial Management and Accounting themes. We also tailor our training approach facilitation accordingly to meet the specific practical implementation areas.   We are able to present face-to-face training as well as online (be it through self-paced e-learning or through real-time facilitator lead online e-sessions and supported through our EASI-book app which provides for e-versions of our technical manuals) to empower Public Sector officials to implement IPSAS and GRAP and related topics.

In addition to Ducharme’s own training programmes, we can also assist with professional qualifications (for professional designations) through our 100% subsidiary, Credo Business College, for learners to be able to eventually achieve qualifications, which include AT(SA) accounting technician and SAIT tax-practitioner designations.



Ducharme also has a joint venture agreement with the University of Pretoria and together we run a number of accredited training courses on topics related to IPSAS and GRAP accounting frameworks (ranging from technical IPSAS / GRAP standards, preparing financial statements, reading and understanding financial statements, asset management).

We have assisted in  various collaborative training support through the years.  This include provision and role out of financial management and accounting programmes as part of sessions run by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) (GRAP & mSCOA sessions), South African Institute of Government Auditors (SAIGA) (GRAP sessions as part of RGA qualification), CIGFARO (mSCOA Sessions), the Auditor-General of South Africa (face-to-face & e-learning), GiZ (mSCOA and AFS support to their support municipalities) and more.

Ducharme is committed to doing ongoing research of the latest Public Sector Accounting and Financial Management legislation, theory and Best Practice. This research is used to inform and update all our training materials and courses. This research is also used to inform and guide our Practical implementation Consulting Services and our e-solutions.


Training Support

The key learning programmes presented by Ducharme include financial management, financial accounting, planning & reporting as well as governance.

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Tailored Training Programmes

Ducharme offers key learning programmes that include financial management, financial accounting, planning & reporting as well as governance.  This include programmes, which can be tailored to the focus and extent of the client, which include:

  • AFS management:  AFS Preparation, AFS process management, Audit improvement plan support
  • Financial reporting: International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS), Generally Recognised Accounting Principles (GRAP) and Modified Cash Standards (MCS)
  • Financial management & governance: Value Added Tax (VAT), Supply Chain Management, Risk Management, Performance Management,
  • Municipal support: Municipal Standard Chart of Accounts (mSCOA), Municipal Internal Controls, Revenue Management, MBRR (Budget reporting)
  • Legislation: PFMA, MFMA, etc.
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Open-session Training Calendar

In addition to our tailored inhouse and virtual training sessions, we also present various open sessions (which can also run as face-to-face or virtual sessions)This also include training collaborations and knowledge sharing with other entities, such as with University of Pretoria’s Enterprises with focus on various GRAP programmes and Namibia Ministry of Urban and Rural Development (MURD) / Namibian Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM) with the first-time adoption of accrual based IPSAS in Namibia.

Please refer to our training calendar for more details of our current open-session programmes that are running.


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Professional designation training support

Through Ducharme’s full subsidiary, Credo Business College which is a private training college, training can be provided to current and aspiring business professionals by offering relevant business qualifications, courses and continuous tutor support.  This include professional training, among others, such as:

  • AT(SA)’s Accounting qualifications (Accounting Techicians, Local Government Accounting Certificate, Public Sector Accounting Certificate)
  • Generic Management qualification ( with focus on leadership, self-management, people management and management practice)
  • Tax qualifications (Tax Technician Occupational Certificate, SAIT Tax Professional Preparation Courses, Tax Technician Preparation Courses)
  • Business Soft skills & Work Readiness Programmes


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