Practical Implementation

SOP – Standard Operating Procedures

November 28, 2019

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In support of financial management foundation and improvement, we can assist entities with strategic planning and governance support through:

  • the development and institutionalisation¬†of various¬†financial management Policies, Practices and Standard Operating Procedures and implementation plans. This can range from revenue management (e.g. property rates/tariffs, allocations, credit control and debt collection), expenditure management (e.g. SCM, procurement, delegations), asset management and other financial management processes (governance and legal compliance, e.g. MFMA, PFMA, GRAP).
  • Gap analysis and risk assessment of current processes and procedures
  • Compilation of illustrative walk-through files and flow-diagrams
  • Capacity building and workshop of Standard Operating Procedures and policies. This focus range from facilitation those who approve it (e.g. Council / Board), those who implement it (e.g. staff and/or agents) and those to who it applies (e.g. communities/role players) and those who exercise oversight (e.g. internal audit).

This include support with:

  • Compliance (GRAP such as AFS preparation)
  • Asset Management (register compilations, asset verifications, condition assessments, valuations)
  • Performance Management
  • Supply chain management
  • Risk Management
  • Committees: Council; Audit; Risk; MPAC
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Debt Management Improvement
  • Expenditure Management Improvement

Should you wish to find out how we can be of service, contact us for a discussion and quote for your specific requirements.