Practical Implementation

Revenue Enhancement

November 28, 2019

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Maximising revenue generation and recovery

Our approach to manage & enhance municipal revenue is to isolate every Erf within the Municipality’s area (both vacant and improved) and compare this to the local municipality invoicing and debtor system. The gap analysis will reveal unbilled consumers while analysis of charges, tariffs and consumption will isolate under-billed consumers.

Correct debtor details will be traced via the Deeds office, other Municipal departments and physical site inspection as required. All required detail will be supplied to your Revenue departments for capture so that accurate invoicing of new or increased on-going revenue streams can be implemented. Additionally, back-charges will be invoiced as per the Municipal Bylaws and the Prescription Act.

This process significantly improves municipal compliance, revenue generation and revenue recovery.

Ducharme Consulting can assist municipalities in improving their consumer data and billable services data. Our knowledge and experience in Municipal accounting practices, support with utility and assessment rates legislation, complex analysis and GIS-enabled database development, allows us to provide relevant and practical solutions as part of a comprehensive Revenue Management & Enhancement Programs for Municipalities throughout South Africa.

In support of property completeness and accuracy challenges, we are able to provide the following services to assist with this:


Deeds data for Revenue generation properties.

We can assist in the provision of Bulk Deeds Office data used for:

  • Revenue Completeness
  • Debtor billing & collection
  • Municipal Audit purposes
  • Preparing Valuation Rolls

Deeds data for Municipal owned properties

We can provide Bulk Deeds Office data to assist with GRAP Asset Registers in terms of municipal-owned entities.

Bulk data conversion

We can assist with the conversion of bulk title deed information into a user-friendly format.

Data cleansing

Through our specialised tools and expertise, we can assist with various data cleansing exercises such as cleansing of valuation roll and billing data.


Completeness of Property (Asset Registers)

We can provide support to entities as part of their property registers, such as completeness support on land and buildings as part of a GRAP compliant Asset Register.

GRAP classification & valuation support

We can provide support with GRAP classification & accounting & valuation support. Such as condition- & useful life assessments, residual value determination, CRC / DRC valuation, GRAP AFS disclosure notes, correction of error /change in estimate.


We have developed an online GIS-based tool to aid municipalities in ensuring completeness of revenue, whereby we combine various deeds, spatial, valuation & billing data and generate exception reports to maximise revenue generated.


We have developed a Revenue Management course in support of municipal revenue challenges.

For more information

For more information, please refer to our Property & Revenue Management PDF brochure link below.

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