Technical Programmes

Municipal Internal Controls

February 15, 2020

Course Duration: 3 - 5 days

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Our course will focus on the importance of an effective internal control environment with municipalities as well as high-level facilitation of the various control cycles.

# Focus area Further details
1 Systems of Internal Controls for: a.       Revenue,

b.       Expenditure,

c.       Grant Management,

d.       Creditors,

e.       Debtors,

f.         Investments,

g.       Cash & Cash Equivalents,

h.       Leases,

i.         Journals,

j.         Human Resources & Payroll

2 Performance of Reconciliations and Providing templates for the following components: a.       Creditors,

b.       Debtors,

c.       Cash & Cash Equivalents,

d.       Suspense accounts,

e.       Daily receipts,

f.         Grants

3 Compilation of Registers and providing templates for the following Systems of Internal Controls for components: a.       Investments/Grants,

b.       Leases,

c.       Journals,

d.       Other Income,

e.       New connections,

f.         Indigents

4 Development of a system and documents to ensure that adequate records are kept for the following:


a.       Expenditure

b.       Revenue

c.       Creditors

d.       Debtors

e.       Leases

f.         Deposits & Receipts

g.       Journals

h.       Grants Management

i.         Investments Management

j.         Suspense Accounts

k.       Commitments