mSCOA Viewer E-Solution

November 28, 2019

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Ducharme Dynamic mSCOA Viewer E-Solution


Ducharme mSCOA Viewer is an online solution to allow municipal officials to view municipal financial information per the mSCOA segments. It allows municipalities to allocate unlimited users to view access and view their uploaded mSCOA trial balance (or mSCOA data string) per the mSCOA segments within preset parameters and reporting formats to assist in the analysis and understanding of the financial information. The current version is based on the mSCOA Chart 6.3.

Some of the features included in our e-solution:

Multi-period financial summary of municipal financial mSCOA data across 3 periods. The multi-period view also allows for comparison of various municipal departments per mSCOA Functional allocation per the other mSCOA segmental data.

mSCOA dashboard

mSCOA Financial Summary

mSCOA analysis reports per segment for mSCOA data integrity considerations.

mSCOA segment analysis

AFS analysis reports (financial position, financial performance, Repairs & maintenance) for insight into the results

mSCOA AFS analysis

Compliance reports (NERSA reporting, Circ 71 reporting)

Additional mSCOA modules

One of the additional modules that can be activated and linked to the mSCOA viewer, is our mSCOA GRAP AFS automation module. The e-solutions automates the annual financial statements directly from the prescribed mSCOA Guides. It is programmatically aligned to the latest mSCOA Chart, automatically populating the GRAP financial statements, budget comparison, disclosure notes and lead schedules from the mSCOA compliant trial balances with the NT mSCOA Guides. There is no need for mapping of Guides or Votes, as it was pre-setup based on the mSCOA and GRAP elements.

We can tailor and built bespoke management reports where needed.

For more information

For more information or a trial version setup for your municipality on your own information, contact James Such (jsuch@ducharme.co.za / 076 402 6242).