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Technology-based offsite learning support

Through technology, the distance between people has become much less.  Previously very few entities were geared to received offsite support, to which extensive time and costs had to be incurred for onsite support.

As part of the support we can provide (and to shorten the distance), Meet.Ducharme and Training.Ducharme are two cloud-based e-solutions which can assist with offsite assistance.  Meet.Ducharme is our online communication platform whereas Training.Ducharme is our e-learning platform.

From a training perspective, Meet.Ducharme is focussed more on the real-time discussions where the outcome may be determined by the group interaction at a specific time via a virtual meeting, whereas Training.Ducharme is focussed on an individual to access pre-recorded and setup material at a time of his / her suiting for own learning.  Combination of these are possible for tailored training, to which even face-to-face training could be considered

  • Meet.Ducharme communication plaftorm

    Meet.Ducharme allows for officials, colleagues and delegates to join real-time discussions and facilitation via our communication platform which allows for both audio and webcam/video access.

    With our focused training support in mind, our system allows for shared notes (which can be accessed from the system), group questioning and recall (be it through online question & polling options) but also virtual break-away rooms where attendees can be split into different rooms (for small group discussions) before rejoining the bigger group.

    This has also proven valuable for technical meetings, in addition to training sessions, where multiple attendees may benefit from the discussion and outcomes (e.g. AFS review discussions).

  • Training.Ducharme e-learning platform

    Training.Ducharme is our e-learning platform, where we host various public sector accounting courses and summary sessions.

    Given our tailored training, programmes can be setup and customised for their delegates to access specific outcomes, comprehensive material, recorded lecturers and even testing modules (such as examinations).  This allows users to plan (and access) their learning based on their scheduling, in comparison to face-to-face sessions which are bound to specific dates, locations and times.

    Programmes options include GRAP and IPSAS.  Custom-built and tailored e-learning sessions can be developed with specific focus, outcomes and depth as required by the public sector entities in terms of financial management & accounting focus.

  • Cloud-based & mobile friendly

    Given Meet.Ducharme and Training.Ducharme are cloud-based solutions, no complex or additional hardware are required to access both systems.  This saves on bespoke systems which may be costly and may become outdated.  Both these systems are also mobile friendly.

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