Ducharme Dynamic E-Solutions

November 28, 2019

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In support of progressive and more effective management, Ducharme has part of their Ducharme Dynamic e-solution range developed various IT tool, programs and Mobile Applications for the public sector and local government sector entities.

Ducharme Dynamic

As part of the Ducharme Dynamic Revenue, we have developed an online solution whereby we centrally compare and analyse deeds data, cadaster data, billing records + indigent records together with valuation records. As a single database, we are able to run detailed analysis and exception reporting to assist municipalities to ensure that their revenue base is complete.

Asset verification

We have developed a mobile asset verification app, which does away with paper verification. This allows for the uploading of your register, scanning of barcodes (for faster verification), uploading of photos together with condition assessment details per asset (for audit support/management review/depreciation & impairment calculations), GIS locations, automated room listings with custodian sign-off and cloud database with exception reporting and detailed verification data.

AFS Mapping & Preparation

Included in our desktop-based e-solutions, our Ducharme Dynamic AFS provides for mapping and reporting tool whereby it links and is mapped to your trial balance with an automated population of related statements (position, performance, cash flow, etc) and your disclosure notes. This option can be tailored according to the reporting frameworks (e.g. GRAP, IPSAS) and regulator environment (e.g. PFMA, MFMA, TVET Colleges, etc.)

mSCOA viewer

In support of mSCOA and the addition of thousands upon thousands of segment allocations as required by the framework, we have developed a desktop solution which allows for a simplified view of the mSCOA structure and as adjusted to a specific municipality. This is to assist municipalities and staff to view the data as it is intended, instead of multiple data sets and data strings.


Ducharme Dynamic Learning is also the home (www.ducharme.online) to our public sector accounting and financial management training support. This is a cost- and time-effective alternative in support of the technical capacity building, be it on IPSAS, GRAP, introduction to accrual accounting and more. Our current entity users range from single licenses to 100 licenses for one entity.

For further details, refer to the detailed services listed under this section.

For more information, contact:

– Daniel Erasmus on derasmus@ducharmeconsulting.co.za or 0722 58 1245, or

– James Such on jsuch@ducharmeconsulting.co.za or 076 402 6242.