Technical Programmes

Asset Management, Asset Accounting & Asset Register Course

January 28, 2020

Course Duration: Tailored

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This will focus on asset management considerations (governance) and IPSAS / GRAP compliant asset registers (accounting) as accountant/ auditor. The course specifically focuses on best practices applicable to asset management and the asset lifecycle, as well as IPSAS / GRAP accounting requirements for recognition, measurement and disclosure of asset transactions and balances, together with consideration for the application to the asset register.

1. Asset management principles and context

  • Asset management principles, elements and foundation
  • Asset types
  • Management control over assets
  • Asset accounting information

2. The asset life-cycle process

  • Asset planning and budgeting
  • Asset acquisition
  • Asset acquisition and creation
  • Operation and maintenance of assets
  • Disposal and replacement of assets
  • Asset risk management

3. Standards of IPSAS / GRAP pertaining to assets (Property, plant and equipment; Investment property; Intangible assets;  Leases

4. Practical asset register  considerations,

  • Asset acquisition
  • Asset valuation and value sustainability
  • Asset maintenance
  • Asset disposal